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No Fringe Festival would be complete without a VIP party to celebrate all of the AMAZING talent to take to the stage over the last 3 weeks.

From comedy and baby opera all the way through to musical medleys and dance troupes, The Brewery Fringe has been a blast from start to finish.

We’re super delighted to be welcoming host with the MOST, Nigel Munson to the stage to do the honours. His mad cap style and utter sophistication entwined with his interactive hosting methods are sure to get the party started
With several awards up for grabs its bound to be a good’un
The Seller Extraordinaire Award
Best Comedy Show
Best in Fringe
Best Theatre Show
Best Musical Experience
Community Engagement Award
Play it Forward Children’s Award
Grab your tickets now, rub shoulders with the Brewery Fringe stars and help us celebrate a festival to remember!
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Elvis is back, this time with his fab band in tow!

Formed in January 2005 by brothers Alan, Terry and Kevin, Cockney Treble are a young, vibrant 1950’s and 60’s Rock & Roll band with an infectious enthusiasm for the classic music they perform.

Joined in 2008 by female vocalist Amanda and drummer George, the band have developed an exciting act combining an energetic and lively performance with vibrant harmonies, delighting audiences of all ages.

So step into your Blue Suede Shoes and prepare to be All Shook Up as Nicky Hart and the Cockney Treble take you on a walk down memory lane.

25 / Feb 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm £0.00Book Now

WINNERS Vault Festival Comedy Award 2017

WINNERS Brighton Fringe Comedy Award 2017

Willis & Vere are a five-star, multi award-winning comedy duo; creators of The Starship Osiris and A Serious Play About World War II.

“Hilarious” ★★★★★ ThreeWeeks

“Hilarious” ★★★★★ Broadway Baby

“Superb” ★★★★★ LondonTheatre1

3 / Mar 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm £0.00Book Now

Triple chicken Combo are are a Brighton born Trio, with an old school flavour. They have been around for 10yrs this year, playing Venues, festivals and pubs around the country. Along the way they have gathered a loyal following and still please the ears of their listeners from stage to stage.

The music itself has no set genre. Tho are roots are funk,rock and blues, when they write they follow the vibe of the riff thats been born at that moment. Band consists of Peter Jay Hayward on the bass and vocals, Mark Eckersley on drums and my self Kev D’souza on vocals and guitar.

They call what they do a family bucket of funk because they want every listener to feel like family.

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Miranda Prag is a writer and theatre-maker. She makes work that tackles big themes through sharp observations of everyday life. Her work is bold, silly, awkward, thought-provoking, surreal at times and usually involves at least a little bit of writhing around on the floor.

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TalkingDRUM are a vibrant world percussion group who perform exhilarating rhythmical roots music from Africa, Brazil and Cuba.

Feel the power of the ancient vocal melodies and the heavy traditional grooves they perform, and you’ll realise why this music has survived for generations. Until you’ve heard drumming like this up close you won’t realise quite how deeply it can move you.

The band, led by Laurence Hill, have been exploring the folkloric music of Accra, Boké, Havana, Recife and Rio de Janeiro since 2011. The kpanlogo, djembe, conga, maracatu and samba music they perform all share a common musical heritage from the ancient beating heart of Africa.

The group offers a wide range of high level expertise, from breath-taking and energetic performances to authentic and engaging drumming workshops to expertly informed music lectures for all levels.


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Rooftop Trio was formed by trio member Ruth Seager in 2016. Initially, the group got together  for an impromptu G&T and sing-song but, by the end of the session, were “Boogie Woogieing” till the early hours. Having realised their equal love for singing, dancing and performing, Rooftop Trio was formed.

The group is rooted in jazz and popular tradition, influenced by artist such as; The Andrew Sisters, The Chordettes and The Chiffons. Not only do Rooftop Trio sing to entertain, but they dance. Including clever, intricate and stylistically appropriate choreography, the trio have it all! From slow ballads, to uptempo, tapping-your-feet performances, you are guaranteed to be singing along to or boogie woogie-ing on the dance floor! We bring the voices, the choreography and the tap shoes, you bring the crowd!


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Pope Lonergan is a Quaker, a drug addict, a stand-up comedian and co-creator of ‘The Care Home Tour’ and ‘14 Packets of Horse Stickers: Comedians Talk Addiction’ podcast. He’s also one half of ‘Pints’. He recently appeared in the pilot of a new Russell Brand pilot (“oh, look at the lad! He thinks he’s fucking made it!”) but he wipes arseholes to supplement his income.  
Michael Wheeler is a stand-up comedian, writer and distraught balding man. He is the other half of comedy night ‘Pints’ and co-creator of production company ‘Beloved Aunt Comedy’. As part of ‘Beloved Aunt’ he wrote and starred in the web series ‘Noel Wrighter: Screenwriter’. He has written for BBC’s ‘Newsjack’ and can often be found at his retail job waving his two Masters degrees in the faces of terrified customers.
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Over the Moon is created and performed by Sarah Forbes (Soprano), Catherine Carter (Mezzo) and Jenny Gould (Piano, Voice and Composer).

The company have a wealth of experience creating performances for and with children.

Sarah performs in both opera and oratorio and specialises in training young voices including running her own choir, Addiscombe Children’s Choir. She met Catherine while they were both singing in Benjamin Britten’s The Turn of the Screw at Cooper Hall. The pair went on to work together again on Kitty Morely’s celebrated 16 Singers which blended  movement and voice in a unique performance for an audience of babies and adults. Catherine is also a founding member of TROUPE with whom she created the musical family shows The Empty Chair and The Bad Mood, both of which have been performed at Spitalfields Music Festival and Wigmore Hall as well as numerous other venues.  She also performed in Lyrebird, Musical Rumpus (an opera for babies) by Zoe Palmer and Sam Glazer at Spitalfields Music Festival and across the UK. Catherine is the Creative Director of Fairbeats music, working with young refugees, asylum seekers and new migrants to create and perform new music in South London. Sarah met Jenny whilst they were both working for Finchley Children’s Music Group as vocal animateurs. Jenny is a composer and singer/songwriter who has composed music for children’s voices and numerous pieces of children’s theatre including the Young Shakespeare Company and her own show Prince Caspian for Opera Brava.

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Moulded Theatre are a professional touring ensemble, based in London and producing innovative and accessible children’s theatre.

They strive to create theatre that is accessible to all ages and provide opportunities to explore ideas and topics in order to fuel the imagination, as well as aiding learning processes in our tailor-made workshops. They are a registered Makaton Friendly Business, and work closely with The Makaton Charity when creating productions.

Their style is predominantly devised and physical, incorporating elements from other art forms, including puppetry, books and music. As an ensemble of three, we aim to utilise our collective skills and talents to create exciting, intriguing and thought provoking theatre that challenges and encourages discussion within our audience, as well as being an enjoyable experience.

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