Pints - The Brewery Fringe
Pope Lonergan is a Quaker, a drug addict, a stand-up comedian and co-creator of ‘The Care Home Tour’ and ‘14 Packets of Horse Stickers: Comedians Talk Addiction’ podcast. He’s also one half of ‘Pints’. He recently appeared in the pilot of a new Russell Brand pilot (“oh, look at the lad! He thinks he’s fucking made it!”) but he wipes arseholes to supplement his income.  
Michael Wheeler is a stand-up comedian, writer and distraught balding man. He is the other half of comedy night ‘Pints’ and co-creator of production company ‘Beloved Aunt Comedy’. As part of ‘Beloved Aunt’ he wrote and starred in the web series ‘Noel Wrighter: Screenwriter’. He has written for BBC’s ‘Newsjack’ and can often be found at his retail job waving his two Masters degrees in the faces of terrified customers.




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