The Triple Chicken Combo - The Brewery Fringe

Triple chicken Combo are are a Brighton born Trio, with an old school flavour. They have been around for 10yrs this year, playing Venues, festivals and pubs around the country. Along the way they have gathered a loyal following and still please the ears of their listeners from stage to stage.

The music itself has no set genre. Tho are roots are funk,rock and blues, when they write they follow the vibe of the riff thats been born at that moment. Band consists of Peter Jay Hayward on the bass and vocals, Mark Eckersley on drums and my self Kev D’souza on vocals and guitar.

They call what they do a family bucket of funk because they want every listener to feel like family.




24 / Feb 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm £0.00Book Now